Messenger of hope for the future

Community Empowerment Projects International (CEPI)

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CEPI's main objective is to empower and develop poor and disadvantaged world communities,through Spiritual Teaching, the Word of God,Planting of churches,Wedding Officiations,Skills Training Development,Computer Training,Youth Leadership Programs,Adult Basic Education Programs,Small Business Seminars and Funding for Sustainable Small Businesses.

To provide these services and training,especially in Africa,where resources are limited and scarce,in the absence of an efficient and standardized infrastructure,is an expensive exercise and venture.Currently almost ALL the expenses of projects are payed from the personal accounts of our branch officials in Pakistan and the African Continent.

We,CEPI,appeal to  world leaders,businesses,trusts and OTHER entities,to support us in our endeavors,to improve the quality of life for those who are the victims of misfortune,poverty and suffering.We would be EVER greatful for your generosity and favor.