Messenger of hope for the future

Community Empowerment Projects International (CEPI)

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Jeremiah 29:11 declares the following:" I have plans for you,plans to prosper you and NOT to harm you.Plans to give you hope and a future."

Good day dear brothers and sisters in Christ,and friends.How WONDERFUL and REASSURING  it is to hear God's very OWN words out of the mouth of His prophet Jeremiah.OUR ways is NOT God's ways and our thoughts are NOT HIS thoughts.Praise the Lord for this.Our weakness becomes complete in HIS strength.If we are in need,and we approach God's throne of grace for help,we must NOT waste His time with little things.We must ask Him for the impossible,because the earth and the fullness there of belongs to Him (Psalm 37:4)

THIS organization was founded initially for people on our African continent,where poverty and economic hardships are most likely higher then in ANY other country.For THIS reason it is an African initiative,and we must be PROUD of this heritage.After traveling the WORLD through cyber space,I realized just how BADLY people need help and support in OTHER countries as well,and for THIS reason,we have included Pakistan as well.

We appeal to the communities of the world to get involved with our organization.HELP us to make the world a better place,and to fight for the suffering and poor.Join us and MAKE that hard needed difference in people's lives.

You'll find our contact details on our "Contact Us" page.Go with God and be blessed.

Rev. Dr. James Linders(CEO).